Cultural aspects to be considered when doing Market Research fieldwork in Dubai

cultural aspects in Dubai

Handling fieldwork at international locations is different from managing fieldwork in your own country. Approach to a particular product, methodologies, analytical technologies, and communicative tools- all these things may differ when conducting market research fieldwork in Dubai. Every company must take pains to understand the diversity of target consumers in different nations. Market research and fieldwork form the most basic step towards understanding your potential consumer base.

There are certain cultural differences that must be kept in mind when performing market research and fieldwork in Dubai. Market survey companies in Dubai are well aware of these cultural aspects and follow them when conducting research. Some are-

  • Personal relationships – If you do not solid friendship grounds in Dubai then it may be a little difficult for you to gather genuine data for your research fieldwork. It is often suggested that anyone looking forward to getting at the top of the market scene in Dubai needs to start socializing and forming bonds.
  • Status- it is something that is of high value in Dubai culture. You must address someone by their correct titles like sheikh or sheikha. Also after shaking hands, you will have to place your right hand on your heart to show respect.
  • Initial meetings- when you are looking to conduct your research fieldwork in Dubai, keep in mind that during the first few meetings you will be required to get well acquainted with the customers or parties you are dealing with. It falls within the Dubai culture to inquire about the other person’s health, family, and other details.
  • Trust matters- while negotiating or seeking answers with your customers and focus group members, the first thing you must do is to gain their trust. Your ideas and your company’s ideals should keep in mind the conservative background of the country. All market research companies in Dubai ensure they abide by this factor while conducting their fieldwork.
  • Email culture- in Dubai, business meeting does not always get conducted personally. You might have to conduct your research through email.
  • Online presence-when you are conducting your research in Dubai, make sure to maintain a dignified social media presence and trim your activities according to the culture prevalent there. You might not have a very successful fieldwork experience if you stop following some cultural norms in Dubai.

These cultural aspects need flexible and not static approaches by companies. In some parts a flat project des the work while in some cases a hierarchical structure of the project might work. Due to the globalization of markets, these cultural aspects which may be termed as differences, can turn even more obvious and thus affect your market fieldwork. Outsourcing Market Research service in Dubai like Research Connection aides companies in conducting researches and fieldworks in Dubai. Dubai like any other modern country involves an amalgamation of both old and new cultures. Your success then depends on respecting and following these cultural aspects which might be different from yours.

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