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The Digital Tantra provides comprehensive qualitative and quantitative primary research like Customer Segmentation, Customer Satisfaction and loyalty Analysis, Campaign Testing and evaluation, Brand Positioning, Opinion Research, U & A and Pricing Research, Market Assessment, Market Feasibility, online and mobile research. Explore the feasibility study and business plan essentials for success in the UAE market with us. 

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Empower Your Strategy : Primary Market Research Solutions That Deliver Results

Qualitative Research: We excel in diverse qualitative research methodologies, positioning ourselves as a leading market research company in UAE. Our primary focus is on understanding consumer interactions with products and services in their daily lives. Using observation, focus group discussions, and in-depth interviews, our qualitative market research listens to the innermost emotions and emotional triggers.

Being a renowned market research consultant in UAE, our outputs provide invaluable insights, shedding light on consumer behaviours and preferences. These findings empower businesses to fine-tune strategies, improve user experiences, and develop products that resonate deeply with their target audience. Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking for market research for startups in UAE, an SME seeking market research for SME in UAE, or a large corporation in need of a detailed market research report in UAE, we have you covered.

Our expertise also extends to offering services like feasibility study in UAE and creating a robust business plan in UAE. Our tailored approach ensures a thorough exploration of research objectives, delivering rich, actionable information pivotal for making informed decisions in this dynamic marketplace.


Quantitative Research: As a prominent market research company in UAE, our quantitative research expertise encompasses the design of structured surveys, conducting statistical analysis, and delivering data-driven insights. With a seasoned team well-versed in the nuances of the local market, we stand out as a premier market research consultant in the UAE. We gather precise numerical data, applying rigorous statistical techniques to uncover trends, patterns, and correlations, making us an ideal choice when you’re looking for a comprehensive market research report in the UAE. Our outputs offer lucid insights, enabling data-driven decision-making, pinpointing market opportunities, and assessing the effectiveness of strategies.

For those planning a new venture or exploring a new avenue, our experience in a feasibility study in UAE and crafting an insightful business plan in UAE can be invaluable. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities of the region, making us the go-to option for market research for startups in the UAE and market research for SMEs in UAE.

We tailor our approach to align with specific research objectives, ensuring high-quality, reliable results pivotal for informed business decisions. Whether you’re delving into market analysis, consumer behaviour, or performance evaluation, our quantitative research offers actionable information propelling your business towards success.

Digging Deeper: Harnessing the Power of Desk Research

We’re adept at conducting comprehensive desk research, offering a wide array of modules such as market size & share estimation, demand & supply analysis, PEST analysis, SWOT Analysis and competitor intelligence Analysis. Our team has delivered customized reports on 150+ countries and 300+ products & services across diverse industry verticals. With extensive experience, we provide in-depth insights that empower businesses to make well-informed decisions, seize market opportunities, enter new markets and stay ahead in the competitive landscape. Trust us to deliver tailored, high-quality desk research solutions to meet your specific needs.

We stand as a trend setter in data analytics in the UAE, the Middle East and Asia Pacific region.

Catering to a diverse clientele across various sectors like Healthcare, Banking and Finance, Automobile, FMCG, ICT and Hospitality, our reputation is built on trust and excellence. Entrust your data analytics needs to our adept experts, who harmoniously blend advanced AI capabilities with human acumen. With our data analytics services tailored for the UAE, Middle East and Asia Pacific market dynamics, you’re empowered with invaluable insights, steering your strategic decisions and unveiling untapped opportunities in the region.

Text Analytics:

In today’s digital world, every interaction holds a story. The plethora of data – from emails, online reviews, and social media chatter, to call centre notes – might seem overwhelming. But with our cutting-edge Text Analytics, we transform this chaos into a structured narrative, revealing invaluable insights about your customers.

Your organization’s pulse is evident through its internal communications. As a leading market research company in UAE, catering to clientele in the Middle East and Asia Pacific region, we understand the nuances behind these interactions. Traditional methods might provide a surface-level understanding, but our Employee Sentiment Analytics delves deep into email conversations, revealing the authentic essence of employee engagement. In this age of hybrid and remote work, grasping your team’s sentiment is more crucial than ever. Let’s partner to unearth these invaluable insights.

In a dynamic marketplace like the UAE, knowledge truly is power. Our Business Intelligence Analytics, crafted specifically keeping in mind the needs of startups and SMEs in UAE and MENA region, filters through online chatter to spotlight the strengths and vulnerabilities of your adversaries. Not only will you fathom the standing of their products and services, but you’ll also gain insights into their customer’s desires. As your trusted market research consultant in UAE, we provide you with the strategic intelligence to overshadow the competition.

The digital avenues of social media and blogs are the modern-day word of mouth. As perceptions about your brand form in these unfiltered spaces, our Brand Image Analytics meticulously deciphers these conversations. This gives you the insights, akin to a detailed market research report in UAE, to refine and elevate your brand’s image and reputation.

A contented customer is more than just a patron; they’re your brand’s ambassador. Dive deep into the vast ocean of feedback and online dialogues with our Customer Experience Analytics. This astute analysis, essential for businesses planning a feasibility study in UAE or drafting a business plan in UAE, is your guidepost, ensuring the enhancement of customer experience pathways and guaranteeing every client’s transformation into a brand advocate.

In the competitive landscape of the UAE, harnessing sophisticated tools and techniques is the key. Our Marketing Analytics, tailored for the unique challenges of market research for startups in UAE and market research for SMEs in UAE, precisely dissects customer behaviours, campaign outcomes, and market inclinations. Our unwavering focus is on amplifying your ROI. With in-depth reports and well-calibrated recommendations, we ensure that your marketing strategies don’t just create ripples but waves. Stay a step ahead, scale unprecedented heights, and ensure optimal utilization of every marketing dirham with Tantra Insights.


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