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Affordable market research solutions for start-ups and SMB’s

Market Research & Insights

We provide affordable market research solutions for start-ups and SMB’s, through a global team of Market Research Consultants, Research Analysts, Data Analysts, Interviewers, Moderators and Transcribers.

Primary Research

Primary Research

The Digital Tantra provides comprehensive qualitative and quantitative primary research like Customer Segmentation, Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty Analysis, Campaign Testing & Evaluation, Brand Positioning, Opinion Research, U & A and Pricing Research, Market Assessment, Market Feasibility, online and mobile research.



Our data analytics services in India cater to a wide range of global clientele from various industries like Market Research, Healthcare, Banking & Financial, IT & Software sectors.

Market Research Fieldwork


Our Market Research offshore fieldwork services cater to numerous market research companies in South Korea and USA for multi country fieldwork projects in India, UAE, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and Japan.

Desk Research

Desk Research

Our desk research modules include country reports, industry sector reports, competitor intelligence and monitoring reports, price tracking and trade analytical reports.

Who We've Worked With

Meet The Team

Prasoon Therambath

Chief Research Officer

Prasoon Therambath is an expert in marketing strategy, analytics and insights. For the last 15 years he has been providing strategic consultancy to fortune 500 MNCs.

Prasoon is an MBA graduate and a Civil Engineer. He has worked with global clients like Hyundai Motors, Nokia, LG, Sling, Kia Motors , Nokia on various functional research areas like Customer Segmentation Research, U&A Studies, Brand Equity Research & Trackers, Customer Satisfaction Research, Ad/Concept Evaluation, 360 Degree Market Feasibility studies and Desk Research.

Majid Dasurkar

Director Fieldwork Operations

A veteran with more than 17 years of fieldwork management and KPO experience.

Majid has managed turn key field projects like gang surveys and car clinics for the big 5 MR companies in MENA, Europe and Asia. Majid manages the global network of market research support and fieldwork staff based in Asia, Middle East & Europe.