Changing Dynamics Of Market Research

Market research trends in 2020 will be totally different from previous years. We live now in a world in which marketing changes quite fast. It is essential to adapt if we want to survive. Therefore, if you want to carry out high-end market research, it is crucial that you are familiar with these factors. With them in mind you can identify trends, and make decisions to improve your results.

1. Market research trends in 2020: Mobile is King

You already know the relevance of mobile-first as a concept. It is estimated that almost 50 % of the information on the Internet is already moving through mobile devices. That means you will get much more data if you focus on mobile-friendly projects. If you use surveys or really want to know your user, it is crucial that your campaigns and pages work perfectly on mobiles. This would be a key factor for success on market research trends in 2020. And something that will become more important over time.

2. Qualitative vs. quantitative research

Another key to keep in mind is that qualitative research will gain importance. As researchers, we will now have to move among online focus groups and communities. By doing so, we’ll obtain truthful and high-quality information in a short space of time. This is fundamental given the high costs of any poorly optimized market research campaign.

3. Market research in 2020: mixing existing data with new analytics

Finally, to detect trends and patterns we will have to cross our existing data with other sources. It is crucial to take advantage of the information we have available on social media, web pages, marketing campaigns, etc.

We, market survey companies in Dubai can cross this data with the qualitative information we gathered, and get more reliable reports. Combining the information in this way and collecting it through mobile-friendly channels will undoubtedly mark the success of any market research campaign in 2020.

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