Developing a brand positioning statement for a leading laboratory chain in Middle East

Client Overview

The client is a leading laboratory chain in Middle East, as a part of their rebranding exercise they want to arrive at a strategical positioning statement for their laboratory service.

Research Objective

  • Understand the Current Market Perception
  • Analyze the Competitive Landscape
  • Determine Target Audience Needs and Preferences
  • Evaluate Brand Assets and Capabilities
  • Assess Potential Market Opportunities
  • Understand the Role of Branding in Decision Making
  • Identify Key Messages and Communication Channels
  • Evaluate Cultural and Regional Nuances
  • Test Potential Positioning Statements
  • Develop a Strategic Implementation Plan


Online Survey: An online survey with structured questionnaires was conducted to gather perceptions from various stakeholders.

Desk Research: Insights were gathered from published information and from the client’s database.

Deep Dives into Preferences: In-depth interviews, conjoint analysis, and cultural sensitivity workshops were held to understand the target audience’s needs, preferences, and regional nuances.

Message and Positioning Testing: A/B testing, iterative feedback loops, and online surveys were utilized to refine and finalize positioning statements and key messages.

Strategic Planning: Stakeholder workshops were organized and project management tools were used to develop and implement the roadmap for the rebranding initiative.

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