Feasibility Study for a Mobile Car Wash Company In Egypt

Client Overview

A budding entrepreneur with a vision to revolutionize the automotive service sector in Egypt approached Tantra Insights. The ambition was to introduce a mobile carwash and car repair service that would deliver convenience right to the customer’s doorstep.


To evaluate the feasibility and potential success of launching a mobile carwash and car repair service in Egypt, with an emphasis on understanding the market demand, competitive landscape, consumer preferences, and potential challenges.


Secondary Data Analysis:

A comprehensive review of existing market reports, industry publications, and government databases for understanding the current automotive service sector landscape in Egypt, estimating the market size, value and achievable market share of the proposed business, conducting gap analysis, estimating Capex and Opex, and providing a proposed 5-year financial projection.

Competitive Analysis:

Identification and study of potential competitors offering similar or complementary services, their market strategies, strengths, and weaknesses and identifying a unique proposition for the proposed business.

Consumer Behaviour Analysis:

Sourcing data from online forums, social media, and car enthusiast groups in Egypt to gauge interest and potential demand for mobile car wash & repair services.

Legal and Regulatory Review:

Exploration of Egyptian regulations related to automotive services, mobile car wash business, and potential licensing requirements.

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