Quantitative Research

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Quantitative Research Methodology

Quantitative research uses methods like sampling, online surveys and questionnaires to get in touch with customers and to know of their knowledge regarding the company or brand. The results are of course number based. However, there are great chances of data getting overused or certain important points getting overlooked. Our focus solely lies on paying attention to those data points and facts which will prove helpful for your brand. We seek out those ideas that can create a change in your company statistics and which will provide action on your part rather than a mere thought.



One of the main objectives of segmentation to form target customer groups so that a company knows what it has to focus on. Thus, the importance that customer segmentation has for your company cannot be stressed enough. A well-done segmentation can help your company strive towards achieving greater revenue and a set of renovated objectives. We produce both global customer segments and local customer segmentation research to help your company reach its desired goals.

Customer Journeys

Customer journeys are important to trace as they help a company provide opportunities for improvement and expansion. Customer is always the king but working by this mantra can get a little complicated. We are here to help you design and trace shopper journeys and maps. In short, we are here to in complicate shoppers’ journey which can otherwise turn out to be quite maze-like. Such an approach will help your company and brand reconsider its priorities and will highlight those areas which need focus.

Brand Tracking

Our tracking techniques help improve the otherwise conventional and stagnant brand tracking system into the one which has umpteen benefits for your company. Our brand tracking strategies are connected closely to your brand and company and this helps to gain insight into what will improve your brand’s reach among st customers. The brand tracing system offered by us is tier-based and tracing options can be customized so that all companies big or small can seek benefit out of it.

Attitude and Usage Studies

Any company that wants to stay in the market for long and be successful at its business would definitely want to learn of its place and position in the market space. For them, attitude and usage studies help to provide a well-rounded, holistic picture of where there brand stands and in what conditions and competition it thrives. Our attitude and usage experts can help your company identify its barriers and communication options. They also help in identifying keys for forming a brand strategy based solely on the needs and desires of consumers.

Conjoint Analysis

This is another important step to establish a better relationship between your brand and customers. We create a realistic situation which helps us catch a glimpse of what all trade-offs customers can make in a particular scenario. Such an approach helps your brand and company to edge in on the price point and product to provide maximum purchase and gains.

Geotargeted Mobile

Mobiles have become an indispensable part of every person’s life, irrespective of the age group. Mobile phones form a person’s small, minuscule world altogether. Therefore, it becomes important to focus on this aspect and connect with people more through this medium. Using geotargeted surveys, we are able to procure information right after a purchase is made or while it is being made. We grab the opportunity to ask questions to customers while they are about to make a purchase and this in turn provide us with accurate and reliable insights into their perspectives and wants. Not only this, but geotargeted mobile surveys also provide video capturing, inside store pictures and similar information to enable us to access what shoppers really seek and how their experiences have been.

Message Development & Testing

A right message can make or kill a company and trust us we are not exaggerating. It is widely known across companies and markets that employing the right message strategy is very essential for a company’s marketing campaign. A product no matter how efficient and useful will not be successful if it is not promoted in the right manner. At times the reason for a product’s failure can be attributed to a wide chasm between your brand value and the product. Therefore, messaging must be tested before going out before consumers. We help you plan better so that you understand your customers’ needs and aspirations. We help you think, say and present what all is relevant to your company and its customers.