Qualitative Research

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Qualitative Research Methodology

Qualitative market research listens and interpret the inner emotions and emotional triggers to understand how consumers interact with products and services in their day to day life. That’s why we focus on people over product and create candid and conducive comfort zone for online or offline qualitative research to decipher deeper insights within candid insights.


Ethnographic Market Research

Ethnographic market research interviews can cause great benefits to your company and help it in functioning well. This type of market research makes us gain insights into what your company means to its customers and other influencers. It is also an effective means to learn more about what your customers want and what are their lifestyles and awareness levels. The one-on-one approach is advantageous for dealing with sensitive subjects such as as-health and illness- while providing an all-round view of your brand and company. The different methods, like an hour-long phone call or a personal interview, used to interact with customers is based on a comprehensive guide developed through an interaction with your management team. Such interviews help uncover all negatives and positives about your company and brand and help you steer your company in a better direction. Sometimes speaking articulately can be a problem and several stakeholders might find it difficult to move beyond mere yes or no answers but we thrive hard to get suitable and relevant answers from our interaction with them.

Focus Groups

Focus groups that we design are not based on any conventional notion of what focus groups usually are supposed to mean. Our focus groups are designed to enhance creative wisdom and the ability to brainstorm. And we achieve this by employing various techniques like changing the setting from a closed room to national parks and local cafes and eateries. Another of our strategies is to introduce innovative and two-way exercises which effectuate into specialized strategies and vibrant products and worthwhile interactions among companies and customers.

In-Depth Interviews

In-depth interviews help in fields of social sciences that influence the lives of people everywhere. In-depth interviews lead to an accurate understanding of things and ideas, in our case the brand and the audience it caters to. We make extra efforts to delve deeper into our subjects and topics in a way that enables your company to get the responses and answers it wants. The process is definitive and as the name suggests in-depth.