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About Our Field Network

Our Market Research offshore fieldwork services cater to numerous market research companies in South Korea and USA for multi country fieldwork projects in India, UAE, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and Japan.

Our Market Research offshore fieldwork services in India, UAE, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and Japan are driven by a team of exemplary professional recruiters, moderators, interviewers and data analysts. We are also experienced in various modern data collection methodologies like online surveys, online focus group discussions, online in-depth interviews and neuro-linguistics.

As one of the prominent market research offshore fieldwork service networks catering to market research agencies in South Korean and USA, we pride ourselves on our ability to think out of the box by exploring innovative methods for conducting field work, be it Face To Face, In-Depth or Focus Groups.

Our interviewers are not just part timers but professionals working in different business sectors, which helps us deliver quality services for Market Research Companies based in USA and South Korea for B2B and B2C market research.
Our trained recruiters are capable of tracking and interviewing the right fit respondents for Focus Groups. All our interviewers & recruiters are personally briefed by us, enabling them to feel part of the research process and gain a complete understanding of the project involved.

Our quality standards are maintained by continuous training and support of our field-force and our ability to link the right recruiter to each individual project.

How We Conduct Field Work

Focus Group Discussions

Recruitment is the backbone of the research industry. Good recruitment is especially crucial for group discussions – and it happens to be one of our main specialities. It’s our willingness to embrace new approaches and ideas (as well as years of learning from experience) that make us so effective. We also have skilled moderators who can generate meaningful insights from groups. And our part time researchers are always there to prepare the top line reports on your request. We are specialized in managing standard FGDs, Mini Groups, Triads and Duos

In-Depth Interviews

We recruit & conduct in-depth interviews, one-on-one interviews that run the whole gamut of business and consumer sectors. We have well experienced and polished interviewers specifically catering to the corporate sector.

Face To Face Interviews

Face to face interviews conducted using pencil and paper. Our interviewers are specially trained to conduct the interviews in a manner that is comfortable to the respondent (consumer) and instead of a questioning the respondents our interviewers make the respondents feel comfortable in their company so as to generate more reliable responses. Our interviewers are experts in conducting in-home interviews, street and exit interviews.

Online Survey Administration

Our team are experienced in programming and running survey on various platforms like Survey Analytics, Decipher, Question pro, Survey Monkey etc, and also experienced in developing custom made survey, analysis and visualization tools and real time dashboards.

Gang Surveys

Our team has experience in conducting gang surveys and real time audience polls using various integrated tools.


Car Clinic

We have specific facilities for conducting car clinics in Asia, Europe, Middle East and USA.


Computer aided telephonic interview. We have a network of trained telephonic interviewers working from their home office efficient in conducting both corporate and residential interviews.