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Our data analytics services in India cater to a wide range of global clientele from various industries like Market Research, Healthcare, Banking & Financial, IT & Software sectors. Outsource your data analytics the data analysis experts.  Our data analytics solutions provide robust  insights that are driven through a combination of AI and human interface. We provide data analytics service in Singapore and APAC region. 


Data Analytics

Big or small, data is the King when it comes to generating successful business decisions. Our team of experts and specialists have experience in providing bespoke data analytics services of primary research data or transactional data in any format.

Market Research Fieldwork

Customer Experience Analytics

Open ended customer feedback through surveys and conversations through other online sources hold a wealth of insights on customer experience. A diligent analysis of this textual data is an invaluable component in designing and enhancing customer experience programs and processes.

Focus Group Discussions

Brand Image Analytics

Online conversations through social media and blogs hold vital information about brand, product or service perception, that are expressed without inhibitions. in comparison to prompted surveys. An analysis of this data can provide a wealth of information that can be used to make decisions for improving brand perceptions.

Primary Research

Text Analytics

Emails, online reviews, social media interactions & posts, call centre agent notes, web chat data, survey results, recorded interactions and other types of written feedback can be chaotic as these data are often very unstructured, however if utilized properly, text data analytics services provides you valuable information and insights about your customers.

Market Research Fieldwork

Employee Sentiment Analytics

The conversations that happen through Emails within an organization holds the insights into employee engagement and is a more effective methodology to indirectly measure employee engagement. With the hybrid and WFH movements the significance of employee sentiment data analytics services are becoming more and more prominent.

Indepth Interviews

Business Intelligence Analytics

Online conversations are one of the most important sources of business intelligence information. This conversation can be used to understand the perceived strength and weaknesses of your competitor., their products and services. This also provides vital information on the needs and wants of the competitor’s customers.

Market Research Fieldwork

Market Analytics

Moving into a new market is full of uncertainties and challenges. But equipped with the right information, these hurdles can be mitigated. Our market data analytics services provide you the right information that will help you to make smooth transitions into new markets.